Dogawash was registered as a business in October 2013 and began operation in mid-2014.

It had been my dream as long as I can remember to operate my own business. Since an early age I was always bringing stray and dumped animals home. In later years, my dogs have been rescue dogs.

KoKo was a seven month old abused terrier puppy from the RSPCA. I had her for nearly nine years – she was terrified of everything (including flies), but she adored me because I made her feel safe. In 2012 I adopted two toy poodles – Bella and Shazza-Bella; whose jobs were to pump out puppies year after year until their owner thought they were too old to continue to making money for her. These two are now totally spoilt and love the lounge and my bed!

It’s my love of dogs and my connection I have with them that made me want to be a groomer. So I worked hard to get in a financial position to set up my own independent business (not a franchise).

Next I researched how I could become a professional groomer and enrolled in two courses firstly with the Sydney International Dog Grooming Centre and then with The Pet Stylist who ultimately provided training on running a mobile grooming business and specialist grooming training and contacts. It’s only right, if people are going to trust me with their most prized family member, then I should have the proper training.